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Sauna Waist Tummy Trimmer Belts-

 Sauna Waist Tummy Trimmer Belts-
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Product Description

Sauna Waist Tummy Trimmer Belts- Item Description

• Sauna Action When walking, exercising, • Tummy & Waist Trimmer Belts • 8”x40” • Target that soft belly region that never seems to trim down with the Tummy & Waist Trimmer Belt

• This adjustable belt with Velcro closures targets your midsection, preserving body heat, ting water loss and providing back support while you work out, or even just walk around the house • Constructed in durable, lightweight neoprene fabric • One size fits most • Quality lightweight, durable neoprene fabric • Waist trimmer belt targets belly fat • Adjustable Velcro closure: one size fits most

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