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7-KETO® -AMAZING High Potency-Safe Fat Loss- Powerful micronutrient

7-KETO® -AMAZING High Potency-Safe Fat Loss- Powerful micronutrient
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Product Description

7-KETO® -AMAZING High Potency-Safe Fat Loss- Powerful micronutrient
#1-SELLER! BEST Appetite Suppressant


What is it?

This powerful micronutrient is the product of years of intense research—7-Keto™ is a new breed of supplement—one engineered for specific results. Its ability to promote safe fat loss without the "buzz" of stimulants is a breakthrough in weight-loss supplements and is creating quite a stir in both the scientific arena and in the real world. Recently developed and awarded five patents, 7-Keto was discovered by Dr. Henry Lardy, who spent the last 10 years examining over 150 metabolites in hopes of finding a nutrient that would impart the positive benefits in promoting thermogenesis™increasing the body's metabolism (to burn more calories). What Dr. Lardy has discovered is suggested by many researchers to be the most potent thermogenic enhancer available in aiding safe, effective fat loss... and for good reason.

How it works

Search the shelves at your local health-food store, and you'll find them lined with today's more popular weight-loss products that claim to "boost" metabolic rate. However, look a little closer at the label, and you'll discover the substances contained in these formulas are nothing more than stimulant-based nutrients (i.e., ephedra, ma huang, Sida cordifolia, etc.), which primarily works by suppressing the appetite and causes weight loss through limiting the urge to eat, with only a limited ability to increase the body's metabolic rate (its ability to burn calories).

7-Keto is quite different in its mechanism of action in the body. It works by helping increase the body's metabolic rate by way of the thyroid (T3) gland. A much safer approach to fat loss than stimulants. What most people don't realize is that after the age of about 25, our metabolisms (the rate our bodies burn calories) begin to slow, and often, no matter how hard we resist, our bodies insist on burning less and less calories. The inevitable response is to store the "unburned" calories as fat, and thus, we have a harder time keeping unwanted weight off. This is where 7-Keto can play a vital role in weight reduction and particularly in fat loss by "shifting" the metabolic rate, so the body is able to increase fat metabolism, even while resting.


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